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What does “smart” mean? A startup at every stage of it’s development has different goals. There’s a saying we like: “a smart man knows how to get out from a situation a wise man one doesn’t enter in the first place”. The same is true about startups more than any other business. We help you understand the big picture, focus your goals and messages with a purpose built strategic marketing plan that is accurate and specific for your startup.

  How do we do it? 


At first we set a market analysis to understand what factors would best net you an investment. Starting at the idea level going all the way to proof of concept. While many ideas remain on the drawing board, and never progressing to the next stage, we are here to guide you through the obstacles


We analyze the product, do competitors analysis, define a specific target audiences and even build a growth-hacking plan without crazy budgets


At this point, we analyze all the actions taken so far, build a long-term marketing plan that meets goals and objectives. Our absolute advantage is that we understand the world of start-ups and understand that pivots are contantly a factor. We're with you giving guidance all the way, even if the way changes.


Formulating messages and goals, optimizing and improving your current marketing, building long-term plans that address all aspects of marketing and building the relevant presentations if necessary

How It Works?

Every business has its own goals. To get there in the most efficient way, we operate on several levels:

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The foundation on which all our work is built on. Strategy for us isn't a marketing concept or a catch phrase, when we say strategy, we're looking at a way of thinking and not necessarily a plan. Like chess players who use tactics during the game, never have a strategic mindset

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Once we have a clear understanding of the market and the competitors, it is easier to evaluate whether the original goals of the business are relevant. Sometimes there is a need to refine and refresh, to examine whether there are new opportunities in the market and to implement a plan of action. This is a critical step that allows us to move forward effectively

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Now that we have all the information, and the strategic plan is built, we decide on effective, quick and consistent steps withing a budget to reach the goals that you set for your business. The action stage starts in small steps. In most cases there isn't a one shot-silver bullet solution. We do try to use the smallest possible budget and with him come to the ideal course of action

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After a quick examination of the tactics, we do another round of evaluation of effectiveness, see what worked more and what less, improve strategy and tactics and set off again, with a more precise course of action

 Who we are?

In a nutshell,

we are two friends who have decided to join forces and combine the advantages in each of us, to provide a complete platform for start-ups who want to reach their goals, with the experience that each one of us has acquired separately in all areas of marketing, sales, strategy, advertising and management. We create the power that can change your start-up and bring it to new places and accomplishments.

To be Precise

Eitan, with a background of years in marketing and sales, worked with leading restaurants, beverage companies and advertising companies. Liran, with years of experience in creative and marketing, worked with start-ups in Israel and abroad and with digital companies

our Customers

Throughout our journey we worked with many start-ups and SMBs, from which we learned the difference between a regular business and a start-up. We had the opportunity to undergo a long and interesting processes, together and separately, with many customers who challenged us and enabled us to grow together with them

אסטרטגיה שיווקית
A start-up that converts the foreign money left at end of the trip directly into a bank account or digital wallet. We have gone through a strategic process, defining target audiences, building visibility and brand language, overseas training and public relations
אסטרטגיה שיווקית
An Information Security start-up. We went through a process of penetrating the American market, building a marketing strategy, defining target audiences, sharpening messages and branding
אסטרטגיה שיווקית
A cyber security startup. We went through two process of building presentations, one for investors and the other for business partners. Including story building, copy and design
אסטרטגיה שיווקית
A cyber startup focuses on protecting children while using smartphones. We went through a process of sharpening messages, preparing marketing content, working with influencers, promoting application downloads and promoting online.
אסטרטגיה שיווקית
A start-up in the field of FinTech. We have gone through a very interesting process of marketing strategy in two stages, cracking the true value of the company, defining target audiences, branding and sharpening messages
אסטרטגיה שיווקית
A local business that makes the transition to the world of online trading. We have gone through a process of marketing strategy, building digital campaigns, and mapping insights into customer behavior.

 FUN facts


out of 100 start-ups in Israel are considered successful


every three minutes a start-up is born

Websites launched in  2018


percentage of redheads in the world

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